3 Essential Positions You Need in Your Healthcare Practice

In order to run an efficient healthcare business, you’ll need to fill three key positions. If you hire the right candidates, the process of treating patients while maintaining the highest level of customer service won’t be a hassle.


When people step through the door that leads to your clinic, they will want to feel welcomed. The best way to accomplish this is by hiring a friendly, hardworking receptionist. A proper medical receptionist should be able to communicate clearly with potential patients and should be able to answer their questions calmly and professionally. A skilled receptionist can handle paperwork, phone calls, and problems independently from you, which means you will have fewer interruptions in your day.  This results in more time for tests, checkups, and other important medical tasks.

During the hiring process, study each candidate’s skills and accomplishments. A good receptionist must have some experience answering and making calls and the ability to schedule appointments according to your availability.


Maryville University explains that in physician’s offices and medical group practices, management expertise is expected to be highly sought as new technologies are introduced and practices continue to grow. Each year, experts in the medical industry create upgraded technologies for medical clinics. These innovations give doctors tactical advantages during daily routines, but the constant change can be difficult to keep up with. A doctor shouldn’t have to run these technologies because any time away from patients can impact work efficiency and customer satisfaction. This is a job for a manager, and you can run your office smoothly by hiring someone with an education that allows you to adapt to new technology in the office.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant can make your job easier when the clinic is very busy. An assistant in a clinic has numerous job responsibilities, and most roles can give a dedicated doctor more time to work with patients. If you hire an assistant with a communications background, he or she could help out by answering the phones. When paperwork piles up in your office, a medical assistant can store files away to reduce clutter. An assistant can also speed up processing times by helping you fill out insurance forms for patients.

To benefit from these perks, you’ll need to hire a medical assistant who has a proper education. Branford Hall Career Institute recommends picking a medical assistant who has a master’s degree, if you want consistent results.

After you fill these three positions, you’ll have opportunities to serve patients in your community in a professional, consistent manner. Whenever someone pursues other job opportunities, always find a replacement who has suitable qualifications. Also, ensure that each new hire gets along well with everyone who works at your clinic.

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