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5 Tips for Opening a Drug Detox Center

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Doctor being congratulated for opening a drug detox center

Starting your own drug detox care center can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There is much to consider before beginning such an endeavor. And both careful planning and execution will be needed. The process of opening a detox center can sometimes be tedious. However, the following five tips will have you well on your way to success.

The Right Property

The property selected to house your detox facility should be convenient to travel to for both your patients and staff. The property should also be able to provide proper housing for patients while facilitating office space needs. You should also keep in mind questions like how many patients do you plan to serve, size of staff, and the need for a reception or waiting area when inspecting potential properties.

If extra money is needed to secure a quality property consider it worth the expense. Individuals entering into a rehab program are often frightened by the process, and a property that is comfortable to them significantly accelerates the detox program.

Get Accredited

Potential customers need a way to know your facility offers quality care. Providing them with this peace of mind will not only benefit your facility but will also provide them with the confidence to propel their way through the detox.

To gain accreditation, your facility will need to be evaluated by an independent accrediting body. The completion of this process will give patients and their families confidence that your facility is one to be respected.

Proper Licensing

Patients that attend your detox facility will be seeking help for a serious health and mental crisis. The proper licensing is needed to offer a variety of medically-backed means of detoxification. This licensing can be obtained through the agency in your state that oversees issues pertaining to addiction and mental health.


Marketing for Detox Centers and for Substance Abuse Centers is becoming more difficult to do. A good marketing plan can help you avoid the pitfalls of other treatment centers that have been forced to close their doors. Treatment centers need to operate like healthcare companies. They need to take advantage of the latest technology, use sound business processes, and have ethical standards. If you work to emulate how a large healthcare company is run, your detox center should thrive.


Many business owners cut corners when it comes to planning for business operations. Though the process can be tedious, you should not commit time and financial resources to start a detox clinic without first completing a carefully crafted business plan. Some questions that need to be answered by the business plan are:

  • What is the monthly billing amount I expect?
  • How will I market my services?
  • What is my expected revenue?
  • What is my expected expenses?

The journey to starting your own drug detox care center can be filled with challenges. However, for the person willing to endure these challenges, many rewarding experiences await them. The five tips listed above can make the process easier for the individual wishing to start their own detox center.

If you need help getting your detox business off the ground and are struggling with managing it, we can help! We offer many varying management solutions to help you focus on what is most important to you.

See how we can get your business where it needs to be today!

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