August 3, 2020

How To Prevent Burnout with Erika Del Pozo, OTR/L | Private Practice Survival Guide Podcast

Check Out My Latest Spotlight Interview With Erika Del Pozo, OTR/L As We Tackle The Topic Of How To Prevent Burnout! Healthcare Workers Are Burning Out Because They Have No Self-Care & Balance! Listen in to this action-packed episode as we unpack essential strategies to protecting ourselves from burnout. If […]
April 8, 2020

How Managers Can Connect With Their Employees

One of the most important things managers can do is developing effective communication with their employees. A lack of communication can lead to mistakes, frustrated employees, and, in some cases, even a toxic work environment. While not everyone can be a perfect communicator, it's important for managers to make the effort to keep two-way communication with their employees to ensure things run smoothly.
April 1, 2020
A Healthcare MSO | How Do MSOs Help My Private Practice? 4 ST kid

A Healthcare MSO | How Do MSOs Help My Private Practice?

Many healthcare providers are struggling to grow their healthcare practice while maintaining autonomy in their business. A Healthcare Management Services Organization allows private practices to integrate administrative services and lower overhead costs. A healthcare MSO model will provide affordable administrative assistance including tools and support for comprehensive analytics, billing, payroll, recruiting, and marketing.
March 19, 2020

How to Improve Your Employee Training Program

Training is important to your business's growth and success. When you train your employees, you are investing in not only your business's future success but your employees as well. Ultimately, you create a positive work environment that is conducive to everyone performing at their best. Here are three ways you can improve your employee training program.
March 10, 2020

HR Checklist Download

Private Practice HR Audit Checklist
March 9, 2020

Spotlight Interview With Brian Hartz: Tapping Into Intrinsic Motivation To Scale Your Private Practice!

Private Practice Survival Guide Podcast
February 4, 2020

4 Strategies to Increase the Performance of Your Employees

If you are concerned that your employees are not as productive as they could be, then it may be time to look at how you are treating them. While you may be the nicest boss that they ever had, unless you give them the right benefits and other things, they may not bring their best efforts to work each day. Here are some ways you can increase the performance of your employees.
February 4, 2020

4 Unique Ways to Facilitate Social Activity Between Employees

Building a sense of community among your employees and team members can go a long way when it comes to setting and achieving goals while maintaining a positive workplace atmosphere. Facilitating social activity between your employees does not have to feel stressful or tedious, especially with a bit of creative thinking. Here are some ways to promote socialization among your employees.
February 4, 2020

How to Ensure the Safety of Employees in the Workplace

Injuries and illnesses in the workplace are common, and they can cost billions of dollars to employers. The emotional distress that injures may cause employees can affect their productivity in the long term. For this reason, having the appropriate safety measures in place is mandatory for any successful business operation. These measures have to be part of a plan that minimizes the dangers that are present in any work environment. Keep on reading and find out how to make sure employees stay safe in the workplace.