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How Dentists Can Help Their Patients Feel More Comfortable During Visits

For many people, trips to the dentist and getting your mouth cleaned are not events to look forward to, but there are a few ways that a dentist can make the visit easier for patients. Here are a few options that provide a higher level of comfort during dentist appointments.

A Positive, Upbeat Approach

One of the most effective ways that dentists can comfort patients during visits is to keep an upbeat personality. A friendly smile combined with the ability to listen and interact positively with people is extremely effective in not only calming patients but building strong professional relationships with clients.

TVs for Children’s Visits

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If a child is scheduled for a visit to have work done or for a cleaning, the dentist can install a TV above or in front of the patient’s chair. This will provide a good distraction so the child is less anxious and the dentist can perform their work quickly and without issues stemming from fear. Let the child choose the programming if possible to make the television more appealing.

Fun Touches

Dentists can make visits more enjoyable by incorporating some fun touches to their routine. For example, they may want to use flavored fluoride, as well as have some type of toy or treat to give kids once they are finished with their appointment. Some popular options include sugar-free gum, toothbrushes, dental floss, and small toys. This encourages kids to want to come back for visits. Getting your mouth cleaned when little extra touches are used is an easy way to build trust.

Explain all Procedures

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Before beginning any work on a patient, the dentist should explain what they are doing and exactly what to expect. Fear can be caused by not knowing what is going to happen during the visit. This is especially important for children to know so they aren’t surprised by any procedures. It also helps if the dentist offers some suggestions about coping with anxiety during the visit. This can really help the patient manage easier through procedures.

Going to the dentist for procedures or for getting your mouth cleaned doesn’t have to be stressful. There are ways that dentists can make the visit easier for the patient and the staff at the dental clinic.

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