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Stop Doing These 3 Things When Hiring

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As an employer, it can be tough to find great matches for your business. After all, a resume and interview is just a small slice of the person you are looking to bring on board. Many employers exacerbate the problem by using outdated methods that can hurt them or give them a worse pool of candidates.

Stop Focusing on GPA

While an impressive college GPA, say a 4.0 GPA, might pique your interest and put people on your radar, it should rarely be any kind of important factor in your hiring decision. While GPA can be used as a resume filler for new graduates or those without much actual real-world work experience, it is a very poor substitute for better measures of skill, behavior, and personality. GPA just doesn’t give a good indication of whether a person will fit with your team. Additionally, setting strict GPA requirements can severely limit your candidate pool and decrease diversity. With a new generation entering the workforce, you should be especially cautious about judging candidates by educational performance.

Stop Using Scripted Interview Questions

An interview script is a fairly common practice. Often, it is seen as the best way to compare disparate candidates. However, this betrays the point of an interview, which is to assess skills and personality. Going through a series of scripted interview questions can hit the skills portion well enough, but often punts on the personality. Forcing people to respond to a script kills authenticity and spontaneity. It can disrupt flow and make for an uneven or disjointed interview. While there are generally some basic questions that can be used to get an interview started, let the conversation emerge naturally, and don’t be afraid to deviate if something your candidate says makes an impression. 

Stop Posting “Phantom Jobs”

A “phantom job” is one that does not really have an actual job attached to it. Whether you were fishing for candidates or just negligent about removing a filled job posting, candidates will react negatively. Candidates see phantom jobs as a waste of their time and find the process demoralizing and off-putting. Businesses can be reviewed online, and using unpopular hiring methods will turn off most candidates. It is also worth noting that this applies for internal candidates as well, who can become annoyed at postings that seem more of a formality as the job was promised to a different candidate. These employees are prone to leaving the company and giving negative word-of-mouth toward your business.

Hiring a candidate is always a challenge. While some practices may have been widely used in the past, new findings are showing them to be ineffectual at best, and counterproductive at worst. Make sure when you start looking for new candidates that your process is updated and relevant to the modern world.

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