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Strategies for Managing the Cost of Utilities for Your Healthcare Practice -

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Strategies for Managing the Cost of Utilities for Your Healthcare Practice

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When people talk about the cost of healthcare, they’re pretty much always referring to the cost they pay for services rendered. What is often less considered are the costs that the healthcare practices themselves need to cover, from payroll and taxes to rent and utilities. The good news is that there are things you can do to help manage the cost of utilities you pay for your healthcare practice.

Climate Control

Make no mistake – patient comfort is essential. No one is going to want to go to a healthcare professional whose office is always freezing or feels like being roasted in an oven. You need to keep your practice at a comfortable temperature, but chances are that there’s some wiggle room to work with. Most people won’t notice a few degrees of difference in either direction. They certainly won’t notice when they aren’t there. Use a programmable thermostat to set your HVAC settings at maximum efficiency temperatures during off hours when no one is there to save money on heating and cooling.

Switch to Solar

With the way solar works, it has the potential to offer your practice significant savings on your electricity costs. There are a couple of challenges with this. Chances are that the building you’re using for your practice is rented and was set up to use traditional forms of energy. That means you’ll need to discuss adding solar panels to the building or setting up a solar array with your landlord before making the switch. Given the benefits, however, it may be easier to reach an agreement than you might think.

Get Smart about Water

Every healthcare practice needs access to water. What you don’t need is to be wasting it. You’re just washing dollars down the drain when you do. You don’t have to start rationing it though. Steps using water-conserving faucets and adding leak detectors may go farther than you think. Even just the cost of a slow leak can add up quickly. Stopping it as soon as possible has the potential to save a decent amount of money on your water bill.

The cost of utilities can add up fast. Adjusting the thermostat a little, switching to solar power, and reducing wasted water are just some of the things you can do to reduce the amount you’re paying each month. There are plenty of other strategies you can make use of as well. Take a closer look at your practice to see what ways you can reduce your utility usage and save your practice some money.

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