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Top Qualities You Need to Look for in Your Franchise Employees

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Running a business is a lot of work. Responsibility for just about everything rests on your shoulders. Even with everything going well, you are busy most of the time. The last thing that you need is to have troublesome employees creating problems for you to solve. To make your life simpler, it is worth the time and effort to thoroughly vet your employees before giving them the job. Although many qualities make up an ideal candidate, here are three that are imperative.

A Strong Work Ethic

Your employees absolutely must have a strong work ethic. But what exactly is a strong work ethic? According to Talent Lyft, your work ethic is your willingness to put forth the effort to get the job done right. An employee with a strong work ethic is going to be determined to do things exactly how they are supposed to. If they notice a problem, they will work to fix it, even if it is inconvenient. They tend to be honest and communicative about their faults and look for ways to improve.

Without watching someone work, it can be a little bit difficult to determine their work ethic. This is why it is important to ask for the contact information of a previous employer. Call the employer and ask them about the individual’s work ethic and attention to detail. This may seem like a lot of extra effort, but this short phone call will be well worth avoiding the problems poor work ethic can bring to your franchise.


No matter how talented an individual is, no one comes perfectly ready for a job. There are always skills to learn, and behaviors to modify to make sure that an employee is doing their job correctly. According to Franchise Gator, your franchisor should provide you with ongoing training and support. This can be one of the biggest advantages of buying into a franchise. But, all the training in the world won’t do you any good if the employee refuses to or can’t learn. So how do you tell if they are open to feedback and changing their ways? Do a little test training. Show them a small task that they might have to perform. Train them but keep it a little vague so that they might make mistakes. When they do, offer a correction and study how they respond.

Team Player

According to Workable, nothing destroys a workplace like a toxic employee. These are people that are rude, condescending, and generally unpleasant to be around. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be a little difficult to spot at first. People will usually treat you well because you are their superior, but that doesn’t mean they will respect their coworkers or underlings. During an employee’s first few weeks on the job, make sure that you solicit feedback from others working around them about their ability to work as a team.

While it is often a good policy to believe the best of people, your business can’t afford you being blind to your employee’s faults. Making sure that your employees are right for your franchise is going to take some work, but it is a savvy investment. Quality employees will be what push your franchise forward.

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