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What Doctors Should Know About Their Online Reputation

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An online reputation for any profession is an important aspect. A doctor holds people’s lives in their hands and their online reputation will make or break their career. They need to be aware of their online reputation and how to manage and respond to it.

What Doctors Should Know About Their Online Reputation

It’s necessary to understand how your potential customers see you when they look you up online. As much as 60% of patients choose a doctor based on positive online reviews. This will play a big part in your ability to attract new patients. People want to feel confident in the doctor that they are consulting. If you’re staying on top of how you’re portrayed, then people will see what you want them to see. You will feel positive that your potential clients are seeing just how great of a doctor you are and how many patients you have helped.

Source: https://www.podium.com/article/wellness-com-reviews-guide

How to Manage Your Reputation

A few tips for how to manage your online reputation as a doctor include caring about your reputation, burying the negative posts with positive content, and being active on as many online platforms as possible. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your website, or blog. Using all the resources at your disposal will ensure that you can keep an eye on your reputation and do any damage control that might be necessary. People will be looking at you on social media and your website so it’s important to be active on them so they know you aren’t a scam.

Source: https://www.practicebuilders.com/blog/why-online-reputation-management-is-necessary-for-medical-practices


How you respond to your reviews can help your reputation immensely. This will ensure that your clients feel like they’ve been heard and that you’re willing to help them with any complaints they may have. You can respond privately or publicly and tell them that you will work with them to resolve any issue. Even responding to the positive reviews with a simple ‘thank you’ will make those positive reviews even better. The potential clients see that you appreciate your patients and value their business.

Source: https://www.helpscout.com/blog/how-to-respond-to-positive-yelp-reviews

Your reputation is the most important part of your career. It will make or break the business that you are trying to create. You need to care about your online reputation and know how to manage and respond to any feedback you might receive. This will help your business to grow and your customers to feel heard.

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