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Why Does Attitude Matter When Hiring?

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Often, the most important task for a new business owner is to acquire talent that can take the business to the next level. Understandably, business owners desire a staff that knows what it’s doing, but is that really everything you should look for in a potential employee? The following explains why attitude also matters when bringing on new talent.

Attitude Forms Your Company Culture

A very common goal among business leaders is the introduction of a positive and energetic company culture. You might get candidates that will seem great on paper but may lack communication skills. Since business and communication basically are one and the same, this lack of social communication skills and lack of motivation often will bring down the morale around the office and, thus, greatly affect your company culture. Looking for people who possess traits such as being a good talker, motivated and a drive for success can really take your company down a successful path.

Attitude Affects Team Dynamics

A business that often engages in team projects can be the most heavily affected of all company types by a bad attitude. This is because the mood of team members really can change the course of the type of results you will get. Examining an employee’s attitude should include evaluating traits such as honesty, the ability to accept blame, supportiveness and team player dynamics. When interviewing someone for a project-heavy position, you should use a specific scenario to ask a series of questions. This will allow you to at least get a hint of how the individual will react to common situations that arise from working in a team.

Attitude Helps Employee Retention

It’s rather a simple assumption that business owners want to have employees that will stick around long-term. This begins with bringing in the right people with the right attitude. It’s understandable for a person to desire more and reach for new opportunities, but when your current position is only being used as a stepping stone, it can feel a little demeaning. The right attitude provides you and the rest of the staff with the motivation to stick around and even aim to grow with the company. After all, who wants to work at a job where everyone’s always leaving?

It’s easy to fall victim to the perfect resume during the interview process. You see a future with increasing revenue and innovation by hiring this person, but does he or she really possess the right attitude? If you’re still on the fence, the list above is a great place to start your research on this alternative to hiring based on skills only.


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