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The PatientPro Marketing System Is a Road Tested, Done-For-You Medical Marketing Solution for Healthcare Providers

Breaking Down Our PatientPro Medical Marketing System

We are a team of private practice consultants housed throughout the United States, dedicated to supporting purpose-driven private practices find their ideal patients through a proven therapy marketing system.

We do this by utilizing our 15+ years of healthcare expertise, data analytics, digital marketing best practices, and a proven system to deliver guaranteed results!

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Market Competitiveness Assessment

We research your niche, service keywords, and business locations to identify your most relevant competitors and build a profitable therapy marketing strategy to dominate your local market.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that search results differ based on the location of the searcher? We use scientific methods based on years of testing to outsmart Googles search algorithms and rank your site above your competitors in your surrounding areas. 

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Clear and Effective Messaging

The internet is a massive and often perplexing place. To stand out to your ideal patient, you need to take the required steps to create content that is clear, relevant, and rewarding as possible.

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Turn Previous Patients into Raving Fans

An excellent online reputation puts you head and shoulders above the competition. We identify your happiest customers and make it easy for them to share their experiences on your businesses most important review sites.

Disruptive & PPC Healthcare Marketing

We use SEO to build organic traffic while driving qualified patients to your site through paid advertising each month

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Intent Based Advertising

Google is dedicated to understanding search intent. It has invested enormous resources into creating algorithms that can identify the intent behind a search and deliver the results that best serve the user. We exploit Google’s algorithms to determine the intent behind your target audience searches and present them with your services.

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Disruptive Advertising

The opposite of intent, our disruptive advertising model is designed to attract the attention of potential patients who don’t know they’re looking for your amazing services but are prime candidates for them. We utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach these people and convert them to customers.

Your Metrics Matter

We find the biggest issue clients face in their marketing is closing leads. To solve this, we built a custom dashboard to monitor your campaign metrics and we train your staff on our closing system.

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Custom Therapy Marketing Tracking Dashboard

Practice owners deserve real-time access to their campaign results. We provide comprehensive attribution data, keyword rankings, traffic reports, cost breakdowns, and much more. Best yet, all the information is accessible directly from your custom-built online dashboard.

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Staff Training: Turning Leads into Patients

We don’t just create a highly profitable marketing system for your therapy practice; we also train you and your team to maximize marketing revenue and minimize the stress of manual outreach.

Your $10,000 Patient

Identifying the lifetime value of a new patient

I challenge anyone out there to find less than a $10,000 lifetime value of a new patient in your private practice. I believe it’s going to be two, three, four times that number. If you can’t find $10,000 of lifetime value in your new patients, I want to talk. Set up a free marketing strategy session with me today and we’ll pinpoint the areas that need improvement in your systems, in your marketing protocols, et cetera.

I strongly believe that every patient should have a minimum lifetime value of $10,000, and I’m happy to show you how to create that value yourself. We’re about unlocking the potential in your practice through purpose-driven and ethical work while unlocking revenue that transforms your vision’s trajectory. So lets supercharge your growth trajectory with our patient pro system marketing program, where we’re not just going to focus on increasing your patient bookings, but also  increasing your patients’ lifetime value.

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“Working With WWMP in my business has been one of the best decisions we ever made! The WWMP team has become a trusted advisor, coach, and strategist for our company. We value their insight and experience because they have helped our company grow to the next level at every crossroad.”

Cindy Whitesides
Great Lakes Orthopedics

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