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Hate the term outsource? Us too! With Wellness Works, you’re not sending your revenue cycle management across the ocean! Our RevenuePro Medical Billing System provides an exceptional client experience while transforming your bottom line and optimizing your cash flow.  Putting money back where it belongs.  In your pocket!

Our RevenuePro Medical Billing Program Is Your Secret Advantage To Increasing Cash Flow And Streamlining Your Revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management

We Guarantee The Reduction Of Insurance Headaches By Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle Management Workflow And Functions

Control Over Your Bottom Line

We Guarantee Greater Control Over Your Bottom Line By Providing Frequent Strategy Sessions & Key Performance Indicators

Increased Cash Flow

We Guarantee Increased Cash Flow Through Day To Day Oversight, Contract Negotiation, & Implementing Of Policies, & Procedures

Our The RevenuePro System is not a one-size-fits-all approach to revenue cycle management, but rather every detail is customized to the individual practice to optimize results.

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Tired Of Working With Others That Over Promise And Under Deliver?

Our RevenuePro System was designed based on the expertise of our founder, Brandon Seigel, and his revenue cycle management leadership team with nearly 50 years of combined expertise. Wellness Works Management Partners is on a mission to change the way private practices function and ultimately build systems that transform your revenue operating basis, so your profits are in your pocket! 

Brandon created the RevenuePro RCM System because he was exhausted from seeing medical billing and revenue cycle management companies drop the ball and focus only on the “lowest hanging fruit”. Brandon is one of the most detail-oriented individuals and prides himself on building systems for private practices that guarantee results!

Join The Wellness Works Management Partner’s Revolution & Let Us Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is! 

Our Revenue Cycle Management System is Built on Nearly 50 Years of Combined Expertise

Join The Wellness Works Management Partner’s Revolution & Let Us Transform Your Bottom Line With Guaranteed Results.

Better Patient Payment Solutions

We enable optimum patient care while protecting health providers from unpaid services caused by high deductibles and co-insurance

Workforce Productivity

Wellness Works Management Partners train and advise your staff to enable best practices for quickest and most reliable revenue

Thrive Through Change

Bringing expertise to claims submissions & collections will be a boost to your finances allowing you to focus on clinical outcomes without the business distractions.

Diversifying your payer mix using systems of accountability

The reason we want to diversify your payer mix is simple— You don’t want to put all your apples in one basket. Each of the different payers have different pros and cons; the key is to diversify your income based on cash flow, margin, and client retention.

Get Paid Faster

Tired Of Your Medical Billing Claims Being Delayed Due To Lack Of Reliability & Responsibility? We have the resources and tools you need to get paid faster, with less effort, the first time.

Medical Billing Specialists

Our billing experts are always there to help. Think of us an extension of your own staff. Let Us Optimize The Communication With Your Patients Through Transparency, Authenticity, & Integrity!

Optimize Your cashflow within 30 days from date of service

A challenging aspect of running a profit and loss statement in a healthcare environment is that you often are doing it on a quarterly, biannual, or even on annual basis.

That reality can make it tough to provide an accurate analysis of the profit and loss for that particular month and It can sometimes take as long as six months or a year to determine what your financial picture actually looks like.

RCM Pro Key Features

Streamlining the Efficiency of Your Healthcare Organizations Revenue

Revenue Cycle Management

We introduced our RevenuePro, revenue cycle management system and increased cashflow by 25% in the first 30 days.

EMR Implementation

By implementing an EMR, we were able to save the administrative person over 40 hours of work a month.

So our client got paid faster while increasing cash flow by 30% in 30 days and they saved 40 hours a month of admin time.

The key principle to developing your optimum payer mix is that you want 60 percent of the payer mix paying you 100 percent within 30 days or less.

A New Healthcare MSO Solution

Implementing Metrics And Accountability In Your Business

When we implement metrics effectively, it can be a tool for empowerment and measure your goal progress in real-time. We can also use metrics to contribute to efficiency. One of my favorite electronic medical record systems has a custom KPI dashboard that tracks efficiency. 

  • How long did it take for me to write my note? 
  • How long did it take for me to do ABC? 


When I challenged people to track their efficiency, you would be amazed at the success we have. Metrics provide a guiding light to identify the right actions and separate the wrong actions in strategic planning.

Following the recipe for better RCM

What Are Metrics And Why Are They Important To Your Business?

Now I am not a Baker. My wife’s an incredible cook, but her baking is not great. Why? Because she can’t follow a recipe. She throws a little bit of sugar and honey and this and that. And all of a sudden, she makes what I call a smorgasbord. 

Baking is all about the recipe. It is an algorithm. If I put three pinches of this and six pinches of that and one cup of this and two tablespoons of this, whew, guess what? 

Private Practice is an algorithm too. It’s a matter of identifying all of the key ingredients in your metrics to make your practice not just successful, but scalable. 

  • What is my patient census ingredient? 
  • What are the demographics? 
  • What are the diagnostics? 
  • What size clinic
  • What size patient population do I need to work with?

All These Things Are Part Of The Metric Algorithm.

Have You Conquered YOUR Metric Algorithm Yet?

So the benefits of utilizing metrics are they become a roadmap. They track your journey. They illustrate a storyline. They create a grounding force of accountability. Remember, we’re only as good as our executive function skills. 

I challenge you to take 30 minutes with me, and I will unlock one new strategy in your metric algorithm. 

RCM Management 

How we implement our RevenuePro Optimization System into your Private practice

Choose one option or all three for a fully automated experience


Already have the team and looking for some guidance? Check out our RevenuePro Coaching program. We walk you through establishing your own systems based on the strategies in our RevenuePro Program


Streamline your in-house revenue cycle management department utilizing our RevenuePro Consulting System where we build the system then teach, train, and empower your team to create profitable results!


Looking for a partner to oversee your entire revenue cycle management needs? Take advantage of our RevenuePro Management System, an all inclusive done-for-you program with guaranteed results!

“As an OT, my training was in occupational therapy. When I became an owner of a private practice, I had no training in business management and found myself behind the eight ball. Working with Brandon dramatically changed the efficiency and profitability of my operation. His knowledge of business management and application in therapy was exactly what i needed and made me and my business more successful.”

Kristen Clark DeNicola

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