A New Healthcare Service Solution

The Deconstructed Private Practice MSO

Transforming Private Practice's through strategic consulting, innovative management solutions, and a proven set of marketing strategies to increase patient growth.

Partnering with Private Practice Owners

We help private practices thrive

Our services keep you in complete control of your clinic and your profits while freeing yourself from the admin, operational, and day-to-day intricacies that go along with running a successful private practice.

One Size Does Not fit all

Deconstructing The Healthcare “MSO”

As a Deconstructed Management Service Organization (MSO), Wellness Works Management Partners offer an extensive range of solutions while providing more flexibility, value, and support than your traditional MSO.

Our vision is to align purpose-driven private practice entrepreneurs with a network of resources that can help them scale their practice in all phases of development. You maintain full control of your business and gain an advisor that can provide knowledge, resources, support, and shared intrinsic motivation for the practice to succeed in all phases of business growth.

Healthcare Management Specialists

The Four Keys to Managing a Successful Private Practice


Work smarter not harder and allow us to streamline your operations. From technology solutions to workflow reorganization, our team of experts can resolve your inefficiencies so that you are ready to scale to grow to new heights.


Empower your workforce to align with your private practice vision, clinical integrity principles, and key performance indicators. From compliance to engagement strategies, our team of HR experts can resolve any workforce barriers so that your team is ready to conquer your next growth plan.


Unlock increased cash flow and reduce your day to day financial headaches. From outsourced revenue cycle management to financial and collections analysis, our team of private practice billing experts can resolve any financial barriers so that your practice can focus on patient care.

Patient Growth

Increase your pipeline of patients and optimize your brand impact. From building your digital marketing presence to automating your patient engagement, our team of marketing experts can monitor and manage all of your marketing needs, so your practice is optimizing its growth potential.

“Brandon is a gift to all therapists interested in starting or growing a private therapy practice. His perspective as a “businessman” is uniquely paired with his affinity for seeing small private practices have success”

Brittney Weinerth

Almaden Valley Children’s Therapy Center

   Almaden Valley Children’s Therapy Center

core management partners

We Work with Private Practice Owners Through


Unlock your potential, reduce the learning curve, and maximize your impact on your private practice. Our coaching program is one on one virtual mentorship with a private practice business expert tailored to your specific barriers.


Evaluate your private practice’s deficits and barriers so you can elevate your business to the next level. Our consultation program is an onsite strategic evaluation process geared to identify key performance areas for improvement and create a strategic plan.


Watch as we implement the strategic plan that will take your private practice to new heights. Our implementation program is a turnkey solution for implementing your strategic initiatives and ensuring optimized success.


Start thriving instead of surviving and let us manage your day to day functions. Our management program reduces the day to day stress of private practice owners as we take responsibility for managing functions and empowering success.