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Our RevenuePro Medical Billing System provides an exceptional client experience while transforming your bottom line and optimizing your cash flow. Putting money back where it belongs. In your pocket!
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Patient Growth

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Digital Marketing at WWMP: Grow Your Client Base With Data-Driven Strategies that Produce Results
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Operations Management

Empowering Your Workforce

The most important decisions that you will ever make involve hiring. In order to truly achieve greatness, it requires building a team that works as one in executing against a single defined goal.
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Workforce Planning

Your Complete Guide To Strategic Workforce Planning

While you may think of workforce planning as a tool HR uses to anticipate employment needs, it can also be essential for organizational design and team development goals.
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One Size Does Not fit all

Deconstructing The Healthcare MSO

As a Deconstructed Management Service Organization (DMSO), Wellness Works Management Partners (WWMP) offer an extensive range of solutions while providing more flexibility, value, and support than your traditional healthcare MSO.

Our vision behind a deconstructed mso is to align purpose-driven private practice entrepreneurs with a network of resources that can help them scale their practice in all phases of development. You maintain full control of your business and gain an advisor that can provide knowledge, resources, support, and shared intrinsic motivation for the practice to succeed in all phases of business growth.

The Guide To A Successful Private Practice

From complete revenue cycle management to financial and collections analysis, our team of revenue advantage billing experts can resolve any financial barriers, so your practice can focus on patient care.

Our goal is to keep the private practice leadership and stakeholders integrated every step of the way. With real-time access to revenue cycle workflow metrics, key strategy meetings, and empowering all stakeholders to understand any financial discrepancies or barriers impacting the practice’s bottom line.

We don’t believe in 3rd party billing companies. Our goal is to build an optimum billing department within the practice utilizing the expertise of Wellness Works where there is real-time access, collaboration, and support. 

Stakeholders are always connected and integrated into the foundation of what makes a private practice sustainable in the everchanging healthcare landscape.

We are a team of private practice consultants housed throughout the United States, dedicated to supporting purpose-driven private practices find their ideal patients through a done for you marketing system.

Wellness Works has a full digital marketing agency built into its operating basis where it can create and oversee all functions related to your practice and marketing to patients.

From brand design, website design, patient engagement campaigns, strategic partnerships, learning management systems, Google My Business management, search engine optimization, search marketing optimization, and much more.

Growth is the goal in private practice, and Wellness Works has the expertise and track record to guarantee results. 

The market penetration and patient growth management function is designed to build an integrated marketing and business approach within the practice so that there is consistency in brand communication, execution of all marketing materials, and accountability in growth execution.

Wellness Works Management Partners (WWMP) will consult, implement, and even manage all functions related to day to day operations management. One of the key functions in relation to operations is the patient experience.

Wellness Works Management Partners (WWMP) believes that innovation in today’s healthcare landscape is essential to optimizing the patient experience.

From creating and building communication campaigns to implementing new innovative technology to running the new patient intake process, Wellness Works prioritizes operations around creating a patient experience that streamlines efficiency, optimizes patient care, and creates an optimum supportive environment.

The operations management function is designed to build an integrated operating basis within the practice while utilizing the expertise of Wellness Works. 

Partner practices are still involved and can count on day to day operations being optimized with frequent strategy sessions, updated metrics, and accountability on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

As health care evolves, the need for strategic workforce planning, staffing, and management is crucial to the success of private practices. Wellness Works brings strong expertise in organizational leadership with a specialty in healthcare private practices.

The workforce engagement and management function of Wellness Works is designed to build an integrated workforce within the practice so there is no disconnect between physicians, clinicians, administrative staff, billing staff, etc.

All employee relations are synergized for the specific partner practice so that there is one common mission, vision, and there are core values in which accountability is the cornerstone to success. 

The staffing can be done utilizing WWMP’s expertise or employees can be subcontracted through Wellness Works Management Partners.

The day to day workforce management will include frequent strategy sessions, updated policies, and procedures, along with accountability on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

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The Future of Private Practice

Wellness Works Management Partners was founded on the belief that the future of healthcare is changing and as more and more private practices consolidate into corporate ownership models or close completely, the quality of care will continue to decline. 

Our goal as a Deconstructed Healthcare MSO Solution is to provide resources at scale, share risk, and build communities of practitioners that come together to share resources while ensuring that quality of care is still a priority. 

This is a model that has been around for decades except Wellness Works wants to bring a customized and innovative approach with foundational principles based on integrity, ethics, transparency, and profitability. 

The future of private practice rests on practice owners forming a more co-operative approach (co-ops) with shared synergy, resources, expenses, and executing in the most efficient ways in order to preserve quality of care. If you look at the original design behind the affordable care act, one of the key components was to optimize operations through accountable care organizations (ACO) in which physicians, clinicians, and specialists came together to support a community at large. 

This clearly has not come to fruition at scale yet, but the future is in this approach but with customized ingredients to ensure each practice does not lose it’s unique and specialized approach.

Reason For Pursuing A Deconstructed MSO Approach

The goal of a deconstructed Healthcare MSO is to build a customized approach for private practice and ultimately allow the private practice to tap into resources at scale that would normally not be affordable to a single private practice. 

Most private practices are limited in what they can afford in which fixed expenses can sink the viability long term. The goal in accessing resources through a healthcare MSO is to receive a higher quality of expertise but on a variable expense that is built on growth with a shared upside. 

A traditional healthcare MSO is often structured as a “shared risk” expense based on variable income and expenses but the deconstructed healthcare MSO allows for private practices to build a service offering based on their need instead of an “all or nothing” approach.

Deconstructed MSO

The WWMP Road Map To Success

The roadmap to success with Wellness Works Management Partners stems from a gradient process that includes research and discovery, identification of goals, implementation, and execution, and then management and accountability. This process can be applied to any specialty area that we offer or can be a global process covering all 4 specialties.

Research & Discovery

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Throughout our research and discovery process, the goal is to do a 360-degree evaluation where we solicit feedback from stakeholders, employees, contractors, patients, and any other influencers to understand the nuances of the specific partner practice, identifying key underperforming areas as well as areas that help differentiate the practice. Traditionally, our research and discovery process includes motivational interviews, surveys, data analytics evaluation, research in local market trends impacting the private practice, and clinical outcome studies. The ultimate goal of research and discovery is to create a needs assessment for what specific resources will best benefit the longevity and success of the practice from an operating basis. 

Goal Identification

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Once we have completed a full 360-degree research and discovery process resulting in a needs assessment.  The next step is identifying a strategic plan and process based on the needs of the private practice with foundational goals that are measured in timely objectives and functional action items.  These goals will be organized inclusive of budget allotment, outcome expectation, and financial modeling for the ROI “return on investment” projected benefit of each functional goal that is identified.
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