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How Managers Can Connect With Their Employees

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One of the most important things managers can do is developing effective communication with their employees. A lack of communication can lead to mistakes, frustrated employees, and, in some cases, even a toxic work environment. While not everyone can be a perfect communicator, it’s important for managers to make the effort to keep two-way communication with their employees to ensure things run smoothly.

Keep Lines of Communications Open

No one appreciates a manager who barks out commands and then disappears into their office. These types of situations can lead to confusion amongst employees, frustration, and even resentment between employees and their managers. Keeping an open dialogue is key to making sure this doesn’t happen. Have an open-door policy where employees can discuss their problems, ask questions, and vent their frustrations. Not only will this lead to more trust among your employees, but it also might bring to light issues with business operations you might not have been aware of otherwise.

Learn to Be a Better Manager

Being a better manager takes practice. Each of your employees is an individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. Finding what resonates with each of your employees is important in understanding how to best inspire them to produce the best results. Some employees need that word of encouragement to get them to push themselves, but others rebel or fight back when confronted with an authoritative approach. There are many things you can do to better manage employees at your company. The most important is to understand your employees’ limits and personalities so that you can work with them as individuals.

Use Constructive Criticism Right

Giving criticism to your employees is just part of the job, and, as uncomfortable as it can be, you’ll have to do it eventually. Luckily, there are both good and bad ways to give constructive criticism. The main problem with giving any form of criticism is that your employees may feel attacked or that they are in the right, causing them to see the discussion as a conflict rather than a solution. That is why when you offer constructive criticism, do not criticize your employees, demean them, or speak negatively.

In some cases, such as when an employee’s actions are egregious and intentional, you may need to be more aggressive in your approach, but in the day to day, try to keep things positive. You can do this by offering more suggestions for improvement rather than pointing out actions that are incorrect.

By following these tips, you can help connect with your employees and actually work as a team rather than furthering the divide between employee and manager. A good manager should be part of the team.

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