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Revenue Cycle Management | Medical Billing Services

Hate the term outsource? Us too! When you work with WWMP, you’re not sending your billing across the ocean! We aim to provide an effortless experience, minus the headaches of an in-house biller. We are a resource for you to utilize to keep your practice successful and productive!

70% of your cash received within 30 days or less.

Your HIPAA compliant medical billing provider

I'm billing but I'm not getting paid?

This has become an all too familiar scenario among Private Practice owners, but why is that? 

Well, a lot of billing agencies have turned strictly to insurance collection. They say, “Hey, we’ll manage your billing for 5% of collections”, but then they only focus on the lowest handing fruit: Insurance Collection. 

What about all the money that the patients owed?

The Other Guys Approach

We had a recent client using another billing company for 10 months focusing on Insurance collections

An Outstanding Balance

At the end of that 10 month period there was an outstanding balance of over $150,000 that hadn't been collected

Show Me The Money

Wellness Works Mangement Partners took over and collected 75% of this outstanding debit in the first 30 days

That’s money they could have made, that they’re now paying out to get their billing in order

There were issues with their Billing System, but they didn't take the time to figure out why

Wellness Works Management Partners acts as your virtual CFO, taking on current infrastructure issues head-on to design a profitable billing strategy.

How Wellness Works Management Partners Helped Solve their Billing Issues:

Streamlining the Efficiency of Your Revenue

EMR Implementation

We implemented an EMR system and our revenue cycle management solution and increased cashflow by 25% in the first 30 days.

The Result

We were able to save the administrative person over 40 hours of work a month.

So they got paid faster by increasing cash flow by 30% in 30 days and they saved 40 hours a month of admin time.

insurance And patient collections

Your Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Not just insurance collections. We focus on client collections as well

The reason we want to diversify your payer mix is simple— You don’t want to put all your apples in one basket. Each of the different payers have different pros and cons; the key is to diversify your income based on cash flow, margin, and client retention.

Get Paid Faster

We have the resources and tools you need to get paid faster, with less effort, the first time.

Medical Billing Specialists

Our billing experts are always there to help. Think of us an extension of your own staff.

Build cashflow within 30 days from date of service

A challenging aspect of running a profit and loss statement in a healthcare environment is that you often are doing it on a quarterly, biannual, or even on annual basis.

That reality can make it tough to provide an accurate analysis of the profit and loss for that particular month and It can sometimes take as long as six months or a year to determine what your financial picture actually looks like.

Better Patient Payment Solutions

We enable optimum patient care while protecting health providers from unpaid services caused by high deductibles and co-insurance

Workforce Productivity

Wellness Works Management Partners train and advise your staff to enable best practices for quickest and most reliable revenue

Thrive Through Change

Bringing expertise to claims submissions & collections will be a boost to your finances allowing you to focus on clinical outcomes without the business distractions.

The key principle to developing your optimum payer mix is that you want 60 percent of the payer mix paying you 100 percent within 30 days or less.

Custom Financial Reporting

A New Healthcare MSO Solution

Metrics that matter

It’s not enough to be told about your KPI successes, you need the ability to monitor them yourself.  We give you a custom dashboard of KPIs and key performance indicators that break down your financial and productivity metrics. In addition, we’re going to have:

  • A strategy session that will focus on how to capture positive cashflow

  • Evaluate any contracts that are not high paying contracts.

  • We're going to look at what contracts are needed and which contracts are not

  • We're going to streamline the efficiency of your entire back of office 

“As an OT, my training was in occupational therapy. When I became an owner of a private practice, I had no training in business management and found myself behind the eight ball. Working with Brandon dramatically changed the efficiency and profitability of my operation. His knowledge of business management and application in therapy was exactly what i needed and made me and my business more successful.”

Kristen Clark DeNicola

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