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4 Ways To Recruit Top Talent Nurses To Your Practice

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Nurses watching COVID-19 Workforce Development webinar

In today’s world of healthcare, nurses are in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 26 percent increase in job growth for nurses through 2020. Because of this, doctors in private practice will find themselves in tough competition to recruit the most talented nurses. If you find yourself in this position, here are four ways to get talented nurses to join your team.

The Latest Supplies and Equipment

Just like any workplace, a doctor’s practice needs the latest supplies and equipment. Not only does this help patients, but nurses as well. One perk that has become popular has been to offer modern work scrubs that are comfortable and withstand the test of time. By offering these free of charge, not only can nurses save money, but also have the best uniforms in which to work each day.

Education Subsidies

Along with supplies and equipment, offering education subsidies will also likely attract today’s talented and career-minded nurses. By offering this benefit, a nurse will know they will have unlimited opportunities to advance in their field. Whether they choose to advance into leadership roles within healthcare administration or choose to become highly specialized in a particular aspect of nursing, this benefit is often very effective as a recruiting tool.

Offer Benefits

“There are a variety of perks and benefits that you can provide to entice new hires. One option is to provide a sign-on bonus. For nurses who may need to relocate for a job, or to encourage nurses to work in a very demanding aspect of their field, a sign-on bonus can be enticing. In most cases, a practice will offer a sign-on bonus in exchange for a commitment by the nurse to work for the practice for a certain length of time. While amounts vary, some practices offer as much as $25,000 to new hires.

In addition to a sign on bonus, you should consider the benefits package you provide. Having insurance coverage is a huge factor when job seekers are looking for employment. In addition to the standard health, dental, and vision insurance, offer disability insurance—which is necessary income protection in the event that an employee can no longer work. Also, be sure that you have a retirement package for employees to contribute to. Perks and benefits will go a long way toward recruiting new hires to your healthcare practice.

Hire Support Staff

Since many nurses often feel overworked, it’s always a good idea to have adequate support staff in place at a practice. By having certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, and other support staff in place at your practice, a nurse who may be considering joining the team will know they will not have to shoulder the workload by themselves.

By following these recommendations, it’s likely you will have little trouble attracting the most talented nurses available to your practice. As a result, not only will you have a great staff, but also be able to provide patients with the best possible care.

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