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Is Your Clinic Making One of These Efficiency Mistakes?

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A Healthcare MSO Managing your peoples efficiency

Efficiency keeps a clinic running smoothly, but is your clinic actually running as effectively as it could be? Some sneaky errors can cost you and your clinic both time and money. These can also cause unnecessary stress for you, your employees, and patients. Here are some signs that the way you run your clinic could use a little positive change.

You Don’t Delegate

Running a clinic is not a one-person show. Trying to make it one will cost you time and likely lead to frustration that can alienate your staff. Delegating means hiring people you trust and then giving them job-appropriate tasks to perform. You should make sure they have clear expectations of what you want done and how, but don’t micromanage or perform jobs that someone else could easily do because you are too controlling to let others help.

Freeing up your time for what only you can do and then carrying out those tasks will allow your clinic to run smoothly. 

You’re Disorganized

Tight organization is key to keeping a facility running smoothly, from medical records to equipment. If your clinic isn’t organized, you are wasting valuable time doing things you wouldn’t have to if you had streamlined and organized processes in place.

There’s no need to spend time filing papers when digitizing old records and files is a great way to improve organization. You make more space and time by digitizing old records, and it will save you work in the future.

The office area is not the only place to keep organized. Taking care of equipment and having organizational procedures in place for the tools of the trade helps the entire clinic run smoothly. After sterilizing, put away tools and equipment in designated places. Drawers lined with tool foam can help indicate where things go, as well as aid in taking inventory. 

You Have an Open-Door Policy

Having an open-door policy may sound like a great idea, but it is actually a time waster that will set you up for major distractions. It’s important to be available for your staff and to let them know they can come to you, but it’s not unreasonable to guard your time so interruptions stay minimal.

Communicate to your staff that they can set appointments to see you for issues at a certain time during the day. Also encourage them to use their problem-solving skills to solve problems on their own if they don’t require your input. This shows your confidence in them and keeps your office hours open for tasks only you can complete. Constant interruptions will throw off the flow of your day, and an open-door policy that never rests teaches your staff to be too dependent.

It’s a good idea to take a step back from the daily grind every once in a while to do a thorough evaluation of the way that your clinic runs. Just asking yourself these few questions can help ensure a clinic that functions properly and saves time, money, and sanity.

Wellness Works Management Partners transforms the private practice environment through strategic consulting and innovative management solutions. Talk to us today about how we can help optimize your facility.

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