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Should I Hire an In-House IT Expert or Use a Remote IT Service?

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Creating and building a successful business today requires not only the ability to deliver high-quality goods in a thriving market, but also the ability to utilize tools such as the internet, social media, and new marketing mediums to your advantage. Without an effective IT, or internet technology team, launching a successful website and building an online presence for your business and brand is likely to lead to hangups, setbacks, and poor decisions. Choosing between an in-house IT expert or opting to hire a remote IT service can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success if you are unsure of what you need in your market and industry.

Benefits of Remote IT

Remote IT services are extremely popular today, especially as new businesses and startups in various facets and industries continue to appear and thrive. With an entirely new way to generate income using social media, influencers, and video marketing, remote IT teams seem extremely appealing and without drawbacks. However, it is important to compare both remote IT companies as well as in-house IT solutions to determine what is best for your business and future potential growth opportunities.

Some of the most notable advantages of choosing to use a remote IT team or contractor include the following:

Affordability: Choosing to outsource your remote IT service needs is a great way to reduce the overall cost of the IT services you require, especially if you intend to pay an IT professional only for the work you need to have done.

Options: When choosing to hire a remote IT service or contractor, you can do so by hiring an individual professional whose portfolio is suitable for the work you need done, or you can opt to hire an entirely remote team. You can choose from among a range of workers and teams who specialize in remote IT services before getting started to ensure you have chosen a reliable and affordable contractor that aligns with your available finances and budgeting. Having the ability to choose from a wide talent pool is one of the biggest draws of outsourcing today. Once you hire an in-house tech professional, you may feel limited on what you can and cannot do for your business based on their own skills and the budget you have set aside for IT services.

Time Zones and Flexibility: Working with an outsourced remote IT service in another country is also beneficial for time and flexibility reasons. If you are in need of updates or if you are looking for assistance in the dead of night, a remote IT service is likely readily available to help address and remedy the issue you are experiencing.

Benefits of In-House IT

Choosing to hire full-time in-house IT professionals is another option for new businesses, startups, and companies of any size. Experts claim that full-time IT support increases productivity in the industry. If full-time IT support increases productivity and also allows you to generate more income and total profit, it may be time to consider working with an in-house IT employee.

Faster Response Times: Having an in-house IT tech is a way for you to quickly address issues and problems that arise, especially as your business continues to scale and expand its online presence. With a remote IT team, you may find it difficult to address emergencies, crashes, or uptime problems during traffic surges or important marketing campaigns, which can ultimately lead to a loss in revenue and online exposure.

Deeper Understanding of Your Needs: An in-house IT staff member is likely to be familiar with the ins and outs of your business, allowing them to make more informed and relevant decisions in their daily routine. When you have an in-house IT professional working for you, they can also provide valuable insight into the inner workings of your website, online presence, and current digital marketing strategy on a whim, rather than requiring a specific meeting or video conference to share their findings and discoveries each day.

Methodical Approach: Once you have hired an in-house IT representative or tech, you can expect them to take a methodical approach to your company’s current IT strategy and setup. With an in-house candidate working for you, this allows you to learn firsthand about each individual decision made and the current setup you have in place for your business plus your online presence.

Build a Sense of Community: Building a sense of community among your staff and team members is one of the best ways to ensure productivity and continued success for any type of business. When you have a team that is streamlined, works well together, and works in the same space, it is often much easier to brainstorm new ideas and discuss potential future moves without scheduling conferences or phone calls whenever a new idea arises.

Choosing the Right IT Solution for Your Business

Choosing the right IT solution for your business depends on the type of business you are running and whether or not your business is currently reliant on technology and internet access altogether. If your business is tech-centric or focused on reaching users via the internet, it may be advisable to work with an in-house IT professional or team to prevent potential breaches and to streamline your sales, visitors, and overall success whenever you are promoting products or attempting to reach your target consumers and demographics. Both remote IT services, as well as in-house services, provide an array of benefits to individual business owners and mega-corporations alike. While there is no one right way to hire an IT team, it is highly advisable to take your current business model and future plans into account prior to finalizing your hiring decision.

Before choosing between in-house or remote IT services, consider your current business model, the demographics you intend to reach, and whether or not IT and tech are integral parts of your company’s potential future. Once you have a clearer understanding of the type of business you envision for your current venture, choosing between in-house or remote IT teams will become a much easier decision.

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