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3 Aspects of a Healthcare Business that Need to Be Automated

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The healthcare industry is historically one of the last industries to adopt technology, including automation. An automated system can be highly beneficial in healthcare. Automation means better accuracy, easier access to patient accounts, and a more efficient system overall. The following are 3 aspects of a healthcare business that should be automated.

Appointment Notifications

Using an automated appointment notification system can help prevent missed appointments. This type of system can notify patients the dates and times of their appointments ahead of time. Most automated appointment notification systems allow the healthcare organization to choose how far in advance to notify patients. The system may allow notifications by phone call, email, or text depending on the patients’ preferences. Automation can also allow patients to easily cancel or reschedule as needed without tying up phone lines at the healthcare facility.


Automation can be very useful when it comes to healthcare billing. An automated billing system helps ensure that bills are sent out on time and to the right address. Using address verification can make billing automation easier for your healthcare practice. Automation in the billing department can also save your healthcare organization money since you don’t have to use staff for manual billing purposes. Bills can be generated quickly through an automated system and they can be paid by the patient using compatible payment methods which saves everyone time and money.


The check-in process can be made much more efficient by using an automated system. Allowing patients to check themselves in reduces time spent at the front desk and gives patients the ability to change any address, phone number, or insurance information at the touch of a screen. Using automated check-ins can also provide patients with a sense of privacy as they’re able to check themselves in without providing personal information that other patients could hear while waiting in line. Most importantly, automated check-ins can save time in the waiting room which is something all patients can appreciate.

The healthcare industry can greatly benefit from using automation in various departments. While human interaction is essential during the patient care process, the automation of billing, check-ins, and appointment notifications can promote efficiency and reduce errors in those systems. Plus, when you have automation in these areas you can better utilize your staff towards caring for patients instead of dealing with those departments.

For help in discovering what areas could use improvements, Wellness Works offers many management solutions, as well as consultation to help you know what operations could be simplified or automated so that you’re spending less time on those things, and more time on helping others.

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