3 Critical Components of Employee Engagement

If your employees are not engaged in their work, it becomes unlikely that they’ll be able to produce work that is above average. You can’t just hire someone, give him or her a task and expect him or her to be focused. As a boss, you have to give your employees the guidance that’s necessary for them to excel at their work. Following are three things that can help with employee engagement.

Good Leadership 

Just because you’re a boss doesn’t mean that you’re a leader. Sitting at the top and telling people to do things may make you feel like you’re exerting authority, but it’s not going to get anyone enthusiastic about his or her work. Good leadership is so important for engagement because it helps employees know exactly what they need to do. They can feel like there’s much more communication going on, which can lead to much better morale in the workplace. Put yourself in the shoes of your employees, and think about what kind of guidance you’d like to receive. Thoughtful feedback and a genuine concern for their well-being are key to being a great leader.

Feeling Valued

It’s hard to feel much passion for your work if you’re just feeling like another cog in a machine rather than an actual person. Recognition for work must go beyond being given a decent paycheck and benefits. When employees feel valued on a personal level and like leadership wants their input, they can be much more enthusiastic about their work and your role as a leader. Employees are a valuable resource, especially when it comes to improving management and organization, as they are the ones on the front lines and in the trenches when it comes to operating procedures. Provide your employees with genuine compliments and encourage them to take more breaks or even put tasks aside when they’re getting to be too much. You can gauge the effectiveness of this positive reinforcement by how happy people look and how much a general sense of tension dissipates. 

Offer Incentives

Your employees might feel like there’s nothing specific motivating them. When a deadline approaches, they may know that it’s important to meet it, but what are they going to get out of it? You can demonstrate that they’re valued even further by offering incentives. These could be done on an individual or group basis. Knowing that there’s something in it for them if they go the extra mile can produce results.

Employee engagement is a quality that should never be overlooked. It’s far too easy for your workers’ minds to start wandering. While you don’t bear all the responsibility for their level of engagement, a trend of disinterest can certainly indicate that something needs to be done differently. Put these simple ideas into action, and see how much easier it is for your employees to become engaged.
A critical component to employee engagement is good management. If you are a private practice owner that want to improve day-to-day management without being bogged down by the administrative, operational, and day-to-day nuances, contact Wellness Works Management!

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