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4 Strategies to Increase the Performance of Your Employees

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If you are concerned that your employees are not as productive as they could be, then it may be time to look at how you are treating them. While you may be the nicest boss that they ever had, unless you give them the right benefits and other things, they may not bring their best efforts to work each day. Here are some ways you can increase the performance of your employees.

Increase Benefits

The first thing that you should look at is your employee benefits package. Give your employees a flexible schedule if you can, as this helps to reduce call-ins. For example, if your company is open Monday through Saturday, then consider letting employees choose which days they want to work. It would help if you also offered employees at all levels paid time off, sick days, and vacation days. Creating a healthy life-work balance encourages employees to be happier and more productive.


Everyone loves to be called by their name, and that is a great place to start recognizing employees. Then, you may want to create an official recognition program. You may want to create an employee of the month program that comes with an extra day off or a reserved parking spot. You may also want to tell employees that you appreciate what they are doing when you see them doing something right. While this sounds small, employees like to be noticed when they go above and beyond in taking care of their customers.

Skill Training

Most people love learning new things because it keeps their minds engaged with what they are doing at work. Skill training is especially valuable when employees understand precisely how the skill will enhance their performance. You may even want to create programs that show when an employee is eligible for more training. Some of the training may be given on-site while other training may be done at a community college or a workshop. Experts advise that you can train thinking skills to employees. One of the reasons that this is so valuable is that it helps employees know how to act when a supervisor is not available to answer questions, and they are waiting on a customer.

Performance Evaluations

One way that you can increase performance in your employees is to give performance evaluations regularly. Before giving these evaluations, make sure that employees know what you are expecting. Then, provide the assessment based on those factors while making sure that you keep your emotions out of the evaluation.

There are many different ways that you can influence the performance of your employees. The great news is that when your employees give you their best each day, your customers will see the difference. Then, they will return more often and buy more.

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