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Why You Can’t Neglect Workplace Culture

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If your practice’s workplace environment were a setting in a novel, how would you characterize it? Would it be a place of inclusiveness and teamwork? Would the opposite hold true? Thinking about the culture of your work environment forces you to think about what values, attitudes, and beliefs you embrace and which ones might be missing. Employers who ignore this aspect of their workplace run the risk of losing valued employees and face a loss in productivity.

It Improves Productivity

A strong and positive workplace culture helps businesses outperform their competition. A stress-filled environment reduces an employee’s performance abilities. Additionally, a dog-eat-dog environment forces employees to disengage from the conflict in order to protect themselves. This causes absenteeism, more workplace accidents, and more errors on the job. Employees who feel valued perform better. All of this affects a business’s bottom line. This is as true in a private practice business as it is in a large corporation.

Workplace Problems Will Destroy Your Practice

Bullying and other negative workplace behaviors can develop in a negative work culture. Unfortunately, workplace bullying can have very serious consequences. People who get bullied on the job underperform. They call in sick more often. They also leave for greener pastures if the bullying isn’t put in check. Given that many a workplace bully actually feels envious of the person he or she is bullying, it’s likely that you’ll eventually lose a valued employee due to bullying. After all, if the person being bullied weren’t a perceived threat, bullying him or her would waste the bully’s time. How you deal with an issue like this says a lot about your work culture. While personality is important – that is to say, it’s nice if your employees like you – action is even more so. If you see a problem like this on the job, put a stop to it by keeping a record of behavior and working with your human resources department.

Tell Them What you Expect

If you want a thriving workplace culture, then you must tell employees what you expect. Writing out a vision statement for your workplace helps because it gives employees something to aim for. It’s also important that potential employees display a positive attitude. You can teach job skills. A genuinely pleasant personality is harder to create. Finally, let your employees know you appreciate them. This creates loyalty, which helps productivity in the long run.

Your practice’s workplace culture affects pretty much everything. It determines how much money you bring in, whether or not your best employees remain on the job, and even whether or not bullying can thrive. If you’re concerned about your company’s culture, then address your concerns. Write out a statement of culture, support your best employees, and put a stop to workplace bullying before it destroys the best part of your company’s culture.


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