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6 Helpful Tips to Get More Patients Coming to Your Medical Practice

No matter what type of healthcare you provide, you will need your patients coming to your office. While a patient visit is great, having them return or finding new patients is another challenge. How can you get existing patients to come back? How can you grow your practice with an increase in a new patient base? Below are some helpful tips to get more patients coming to your medical practice.

Request Reliable Patient Reviews

We live in a world of the gig economy, reviews, and consumer ratings. Having a good track record of reliable reviews is an important part of maintaining returning patient visitations. Encourage patients to leave an online review detailing their experience and leaving stars so that you can develop a record of positive feedback from patients. Not only will you have a current feedback system to improve your own hospitality, but this also works as a communication tool for other potential patients and their family members to see as you begin to get more patients.

Useful reviews can increase the traffic of patient visitation at your facility. According to Podium, using to receive online reviews can help build your credibility and boost your online reputation, helping you become the preferred healthcare provider in your area.

Connect to the Community

There’s no better way to get the word out there on your services than to get in touch with the community. Your local community is always in need of health services and in search of reliable treatment centers and doctors. Get in touch with your local community by holding an event or offering a simple and free checkup service so that members of that area can have some face time with your staff. Stanford research says having this kind of friendly and familiar interaction will enhance the chances of patient visitation.

Get Active on Social Media. A Least a Little.

Marketing today is simply more effective with social media. While the elderly community might not be in touch with social media as much as your younger clientele, the caretakers of elderly folks tend to be younger and on social media. Hire a social media marketing service that can help build your brand presence online. You can also target your relevant audience on your own through social media marketing platforms.

Follow Up With Patients

Part of maintaining a relationship with your clientele is to follow up with them. Ask them how they are doing since their last checkup. See if they want to make another appointment. Ask them to leave a review. Whatever it is, be sure to follow up so that they know they are being cared for. These things can be done simply through a phone call or an automated email. When your patients feel that you care, they will put more trust in your services.

Regularly Train Your Staff

Few things will turn patients away faster than indifferent staff members. When a patient enters a clinic or hospital, know that they are in pain and very vulnerable both mentally and emotionally. According to EveryNurse, sensitivity towards patients’ needs can range from having good bedside manners to improving the patient’s experience by being culturally sensitive to a diverse patient base.

The key to any kind of patient care is empathy. Train your staff to respond empathetically towards patients when they arrive. This training not only applies to the medical staff but also to the administrative staff. The administrative staff are the first people that patients see. They are essentially the face of the clinic, so they can make or break your practice. Be sure to provide basic empathy training with the admin so that they can keep patients returning, and thereby get more patients through positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Understand Your Patient Demographics

Knowing your demographic is an important aspect of any kind of marketing. If you want to get more patients into your medical practice, make sure you know your demographic and can target their needs accurately. You can start out by looking up basic analytics, such as who lives in your area by age, gender, race, etc. Based on your findings, create marketing materials that would catch your demographics’ interest in terms of what types of services your medical practice offers.

Expanding your patient and client base is a combination of attentiveness and engagement with each individual patient. This requires added effort, but the pay-off is great. Patients appreciate medical practitioners and administrators who follow up and ask questions to meet their needs as an individual. Patients also appreciate it when you request a review from them, asking them what worked rather than what you can improve on.

Patients also like feeling as though they belong to a community and that you are their community service provider. Word of mouth travels fast in a local community, so holding an event or a free screening of some sort can help expand your patient base. You can hand out pamphlets and flyers that include medical information as well as information about your address, email, and phone number for any appointments they might wish to make. As long as you keep the patients’ needs in mind and how to cater to them specifically as individuals, you’ll be well on your way to expanding the number of incoming patients.

If you’re a healthcare professional who needs help with marketing, we can help! Get in contact with us here.

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