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a deconstructed MSO

Throughout the last 50 years, it has become a trend for healthcare private practice’s to turn over the control of their day-to-day operations. The way that they achieve this as they partner with what’s called an MSO, a Management Services Organization

In theory, it’s incredible. Doctors get to focus on doctor work, and a third-party organization runs their day-to-day business operations. In many cases, this includes everything from revenue cycle workflow, HR, member services, utilization management, patient marketing, reputation management, you name it.

However, healthcare data analytics show a common theme in recent years. Private practices are falling behind when it comes to innovation in technology and best practices from an operating basis. They’re struggling to survive as the market changes, reimbursements go down, and their business needs change. 

Comparing a Traditional MSO to A Deconstructed MSO

The Traditional MSO

A traditional MSO is an organization where independent practices come together as members and integrate various administrative services to provide them centrally. Again, the benefit is that MSO creates economies of scale and solutions that smaller private practices could typically not afford. 

The challenges can sometimes be that smaller private practices become dependent, and ultimately those smaller private practices are the effect of decisions that the greater MSO makes.

So I always say, are you the cause over your future or the effect? When you’re part of a traditional MSO, you don’t have a lot of control. A lot of the time, you fall in line with the decisions that the MSO makes. 

I refer to it symbolically as a single lane highway. It’s great if you don’t want to have any part of the operations basis, because they will run the show and do it their way. You’re going to focus on patient care and what you do best.

A Deconstructed MSO

The concept behind a deconstructed MSO is to take advantage of resources that you may need at a shared benefit, meaning that you can tap into specialties and resources, whether it be billing, operations, HR, recruitment, training, education, marketing, you name it.

However, with the Deconstructed MSO, you’re not locked in. You have many opportunities to connect with these resources in different ways, including consultation, implementation, or even day-to-day management.

As I like to say. Do you want to give away the keys to your castle forever, for now, or not at all?

You have those choices under the deconstructed MSO model of Wellness Works Management Partners.

WWMP has been helping private practices for over a decade, transforming their operating basis through four key areas.

Revenue cycle management

We have a fully deconstructed solution that can consult, implement, build your internal department, or we’re happy to run the department for you and transition it to your leadership team.

When, and if you’re ready, the benefit is you never get stuck. You have full resources, full control, and the technology is ultimately yours. You’re not the effect of the MSO, but you benefit from the resources.

Patient experience and operations management

We’re an innovator in the healthcare realm, and we are disrupting the way that care is delivered.

We want to provide you with consultation, implementation, and even the management over your whole operating and patient experience. Whether we’re implementing one of the leading EMR systems or implementing a new virtual care solution, we’re helping you build internal technologies to support growth.

Workforce management and Engagement

We are in a people-oriented business. We need to find, attract, engage, and retain the greatest minds, spirits, and employees possible. We need to find the people that are treating your business as if it’s their own.

At WWMP we can help them consult, implement and manage any needs regarding engagement, employee retention, employee recruitment, management, compliance, all of your manuals, policies and procedures, HIPAA training, workforce management training…

You name it. We have it.

We’re providing the buffet of resources. You pick and choose what you need when you need it and how you want it.

healthcare marketing | Market Penetration

We will build a full CRM patient growth experience so that you’re not just penetrating the local market, but you’re building a scalable solution for future growth.

Wellness works management partners are here to partner with you to reach your optimum goal with flexibility, independence, and the ability to create your reality for your future.

There are nine differentiators to our Deconstructed MSO program.

we want you to have increased control

We don’t only take your keys to the castle.

We’re going to have weekly meetings to identify and report on key KPIs, key performance indicators. You will know what’s going on at every stage of the game. Even in our management solution, you need to be part of the solution.

We want you to understand how to run your business, even if we’re running your business.

Cost savings

We understand cash is King. We’re building scalable solutions that have a shared ability so that your billing and staffing, facility management, and technology are innovated at a more reasonable price than if you were to go in on your own independently.

Increased revenue

Again, partnership. We want to partner with you to increase your revenue, and with that, your profitability.  

Everyone’s afraid to admit their desire for profitability, but we need more profitability in healthcare. The more profitable we are, the more purpose-driven we can be, and the more significant the change we will create.

increased quality of care

Just because we’re increasing profitability doesn’t mean we don’t want the utmost quality of care. We want to integrate the best practices along with the best outcomes tracking. Quality care comes from a science of understanding how to change healthcare outcomes. We want to survey when they begin, in the middle, and the end. 

And we want to transform the role of data analytics in healthcare to look at clinical care so that you’re optimizing outcomes, patient engagement, patient experience, and more.

Workforce management

There is not enough organizational leadership in healthcare today. We’re here to bring a whole soul to the way that you deliver things.

We want to bring transparency, authenticity, ethics, and leading operational management strategies to transform how your workforce operates through accountability, empowerment, and ultimately the optimum buy-in to thrive in the healthcare environment, instead of just surviving

Innovations in Technology

We partner with some of the leading firms throughout the entire United States to implement EMR systems, patient portals, website management systems. We can build, operate, implement, and even manage all of the functions so that you have optimum technology and that you’re utilizing your technology.

Did you know, one out of three practices don’t even know how to optimize their technology. They buy it. Maybe they have someone install it and do some training, but they don’t know how to use it. They’re not using all the features.

We will go through a 21 checklist item to ensure your technology is optimized.

Enhanced Healthcare marketing

Our big belief is that for us to attract your optimum patient growth, we need to revolutionize the way that you penetrate the market. Your brand, your messaging, all of your patient resources, marketing, collateral, even the intake paperwork (how we transform your intake process), how we support the community…

Our marketing team will not only optimize your brand, your website, your reputation/review management. They will transform your patient generation through our local search marketing strategies.

Compliance is key in healthcare

We are by the book in our complaint factors. Whether you need HIPAA training, Medicare training, whatever it may be. We will be implementing OSHA policies and procedures, compliance factors for HIPAA, your workforce training, and everything with a whole operating basis.

You don’t have to feel stuck because you’re a mom and pop business and don’t feel you can afford help. A deconstructed mso offers the best of the best when it comes to compliance.

succession planning

So many people focus on the here and now that they forget to prepare for the future. We will help you build a succession planning, that’s conducive to retirement, to transitioning what you do and how you do it in the future so that your practice is working for you, just as you work for your practice.

Don’t just create a job for yourself.

Create a company that creates for you, and let us help you with that succession strategy so that your business continues to work for you even into your later professional career.

Conclusion | WWMP

Wellness Works Management Partners (WWMP) has the word partner for a reason. We’re partnering with private practices to increase the quality of care while optimizing your day-to-day operations so that you can be causative over the future and transform the way that healthcare is delivered.

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